Monday, November 2, 2009

We're coming! And there's no way you're going to stop us!

What does literature do?

We think it upholds "received cultural assumptions" and "hegemonic propositions about the way the world is supposed to work." That is, we believe it supports those "ideological constructs perceived and experienced as natural facts." And if literature cannot breach the ways we commute to work, do one's job, go to the movies, buy groceries, buy records, watch television, make love, have conversations, not have conversations, or make lists of what to do next, if literature cannot change the way people actually live, well, then, we think that literature has got to change. Perhaps, it, too, should be destroyed.

Or, at least, laughed at. Actually, we are already laughing. Now, it is time to act.

I am JANEY SMITH. I have no use for narrative, nor career, arcs. In fact, it would have been better had Noah's ark sunk in the sea.

We are Steven Trull and Mike Buffalo. We're gay and we'll fuck you up. It's not merely about smashing the state. We also want to smash the corporatization of everyday life and the ideologies that support it. That probably means destroying people like you.

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